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White Hat and Black Hat SEO

white hat and black hat seo
26 October 2015

A good position in the Search Engine Results is important and essential for any business. We all want to be on Google’s Number 1 page, but there are good ways and there are bad ways to do it. These are commonly referred to as “White Hat” and “Black Hat” SEO.

White Hat SEO is an ethical and legitimate way of ranking on search engines. With the millions of people in Indonesia that use Google each day, ranking highly is fundamental for any business. White Hat SEO focuses on providing useful and relevant information and an overall good experience for users. White Hat SEO takes time and effort, but is 100% Safe and serves long lasting results.

Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, gains ranking through deception and malpractice. These tactics involve tricking a search engine’s algorithm in order to gain higher ranking. Black Hat SEO uses methods that go against a Search Engine’s regulations, such as those outlined in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Although Black Hat SEO may get your page ranked quickly, that success will be short lived.

Every search engine has a set of guidelines to insure that only relevant results show up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page.) Websites that choose to not follow these regulations risk being de-indexed and banned from a search engine and all its affiliate websites.

Being removed from Google or other search engines can have a devastating effect on your business. If Google removes your website from their search results, you can expect a dramatic drop in both traffic and sales.
To a non-professional, Black hat methods may be very difficult, if not impossible to detect. Accidentally employing the wrong techniques could place your business at great financial risk.
It’s important to be aware of what SEO methods are helpful and which may permanently harm your business.

What are some White Hat SEO techniques?

1. Create Engaging Content.

An easy tip to remember about White Hat SEO is that it must provide something of value to the user rather than focusing on the search engines. Instead of merely filling a page with keywords in the quest for higher ranking, a White Hat Optimized website would provide real information that is relevant to what a user is searching for.

White Hat SEO not only focuses on getting users to click on a link, but in keeping them on the page and getting them to explore the website more deeply. The only way to do this is with high quality content that keeps your audience interested and likely to return.


2. Quality Link building.

Since a search engine puts priority on user experience, the popularity of a website can improve its ranking. One of the ways this is measured through inbound links. Inbound links, or backlinks, are links which lead to your website from another source. When building links, always aim for quality over Any backlinks should be relevant to both the source and your website, and provide some sort of value to the user.

There are quick ways to amass large amounts of backlinks. However, if these links are placed for no reason other than to better your Google ranking, they could fall under the category of Black Hat SEO.


3. Keep it organized.

A well-structured website should have all the necessary information easy to find. Let your pages link to each other to draw your read further in. Make sure all your pages are titled correctly and have an accurate page description. Having a user-friendly website which is easy to navigate affects your “page reputation,” which in turn affects your page ranking.

These are just a few of many White Hat techniques. The important thing to remember is to build your website for your audience and not the search engine.

White Hat SEO is a long term investment that repays you with long term results.


What are some Black Hat SEO techniques?

1. Keyword Stuffing.

This is an attempt to trick search engines into ranking your page through overuse of keywords. Keywords should appear only as much as is normal and necessary. Some Black Hat methods include the repeated use of keywords in invisible text or hidden content. This could be a string of keywords that are the same color as the page background, and therefore invisible to a human reader. It could be text hidden behind an image, or a block of keywords inputted directly into the page’s source code. As with all Black Hat techniques, this may work for a short while before the search engine discovers what you are doing.


2. Doorway Pages

Yet another way of misusing keywords. These are entire pages that are invisible to the user, yet stuffed with nothing but keywords. Be aware that having a page that is not a doorway page, yet is inaccessible to users, may lower your ranking.


3. Bad links.

Just like you can have too many keywords, you can also have too many links. Having a large amount of backlinks is great – if they are relevant. Links should come from popular, reliable and related websites. Link Farming is a deceptive scheme which involves placing your link on numerous irrelevant websites just to improve your ranking. Link farms are a group of websites which are all linked to each other. Most of these websites have no use except to host pages and pages of links. Link Building Software is another way to build links. Participating in either is a great way to get banned by the Search Engines! Remember, links are earned – not bought.


4. Page Swapping

A method of getting a page highly ranked, and then replacing the page with an entirely different one. This is a nasty trick that search engines are able to deal with very quickly.

Using Black Hat SEO has become a common practice in Indonesia. Black Hat methods may provide quick results and a fast financial gain, but using these puts your business at risk.

If you are looking to establish a long term business, avoid Black Hat SEO.

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We know that if we can bring success to your business, in return we bring success to ours!

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