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November 2, 2017
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Re-aligning your SEO strategy when Business needs Change

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Working as an SEO specialist requires you to be ready for change. Embracing changes is part and parcel that needs tweaking as we go along. Especially as Google keeps updating its algorithms, it is vital to integrate and evaluate the changes.

Now, with that said implementing all of this is tough. Any one starting off with SEO will have a few set questions such as – How exactly can you make sure that you’re focusing on quality traffic? How can you be sure this traffic will help your brand grow?

In this blog, we shall help you with some basics and answer some of your doubts.

1) Make sure your SEO strategy aligns with your business strategy

Many companies along the way decide that they may want to change their go-to-market strategy. They may decide to change their current audience to maybe a different set of audience such as an enterprise audience.

This means that, instead of targeting a broad audience, their goal is more focused and specific.

Now that our targeting is more specific, we need to adjust our SEO strategy accordingly in order to achieve our goal.


2) Work with the strategy manager in your organization

Working with a strategy manager will help you get clear on the vision of your brand and help to derive what you want.

So the few things you will research and analyze is:

·      Geo- which countries are you targeting and which language will prove more valuable to the brand.

·      Industries- Which industries do you want to focus on. E-commerce, insurance or any other

·      Audience – who the targeted audience is and what are they looking for


3) Build new keyword research

After gathering all the information that lines with the new strategy of the company, it is time to come up with new keyword research strategy.

The best way to do this is to start with a list of competitors- analyzing how much traffic they get, which keywords they are ranking for that is relevant to our new strategy.

Once we have a list of keywords your competitors are using, it is vital to use another keyword tool to make new ones. Additionally, you can examine the volume of the keyword and see what their current ranking in the SERP is.


4) Focus on relevant traffic

It is assumed that, if you get more traffic to your site, it will improve your ranking. However, improving the quality of your traffic will help improve your rankings.

Let’s look at some reasons why we should remove low quality traffic:

·      Doesn’t provide any leads/sales to the business.

·      Has a high bounce rate.

·      Results in low page views.

Changes in company’s strategy is a fantastic opportunity for SEO changes to be made and helps to keep the company up to date. Finding what works and what doesn’t will not just help with traffic but also have a higher probability to convert.