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Don’t do these 3 Things on the Google Display Network!

don't do these things on the gdn
23 November 2016

The Google Display Network is an extremely powerful marketing tool and an essential part of any internet marketing strategy. At the same time, it can also eat up your budget or increase spam traffic if not used properly. To make the most of your Display Ads campaign in Indonesia, here are a few tips of what NOT to do when marketing on the GDN.

1. Search Network with Display Select – Should we use it?

Search Network with Display select is an AdWords campaign option that allows you to target the Search and Display networks simultaneously. So why shouldn’t we use it? More often than not, Search and Display have very different objectives, meaning they usually are showing different ads to different kinds of people. Combining them into one massive campaign can make it difficult to optimize for a particular objective. This would also mean amassing all potential customers into one large group and showing them all the same ads. While there may be times when it is advantageous to use Display Select, we’ve found that most of the time its best to keep your Search and Display separate.


2. Over-layering – Don’t do it!!

The Google Display Network provides such a vast selection of targeting options that it can be tempting to just use them all. And, you absolutely should use them all – just maybe not all at the same time and in the same adgroup.

For example, you could set up an AdGroup that’s targeted to show your ads to people interested in fashion. You could then add another layer of targeting to women aged 18 – 40. Now your ads are only shown to women aged 18 – 40 who also have an interest in fashion. Great. Then you could get really carried away and add another layer of managed placements of fashion websites maybe. At this point, your ads will only show to women aged 18 – 40 who have an interest in fashion while they are browsing a fashion website. So what’s the problem with that?

The issue is that you have narrowed your targeting so much that your ads will rarely show at all. There’s no point running a campaign if no one can see your ads right? So what’s the solution? One, you could just stick to enough layers of targeting that still allows your ad to show to a decent number of people. Two, if you’re really adamant about choosing that third (or fourth or fifth) targeting option, you can click the checkbox that says “bid only.” Continuing with the example above, that would now mean that your ads would show to women aged 18 – 40 who have an interest in fashion, as well as those who are browsing a fashion website!


3. Ads in Mobile Games – To use or not to use?

Ads in Mobile Games can eat up your budget faster than you can say ‘where did my budget go?’ The main reason for this is that the majority of the clicks that come for in-game applications are accidental clicks from someone that just wanted to get on with their game.

There are definitely times when it may be useful to show your ads in-app. This is likely if you are advertising another game app to people playing a similar game. However, it is very important to know how to stop your ads from showing in mobile app games.

In your Campaign Exclusions, be sure to exclude site category options of in-game and mobile app. Next, add to your list of excluded placements. These two steps will stop your ads from showing on the majority of mobile apps. After that, if you still see some showing up in your placements, simply exclude them from your campaign as well! 😀