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January 31, 2018
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Benefits of SEO for your Business

benefits of seo search engine optimization
26 October 2015

What are the benefits of SEO for your business in Jakarta?

A good SEO strategy is not only beneficial, but essential for any business in Jakarta and abroad. Having a website without using SEO is like having a shop without a front door. (You’re not going to get any visitors.)

When you optimize your website for Google, Yahoo, and other Search Engines, it is like having a full-time sales person that’s working for you 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Non-stop.

Contrary to its name, SEO is not all about Search Engines. In fact, SEO is focused on your customers’ needs rather than your website’s rank. The Search Engine’s PRIME objective is to provide your customer with useful, relevant and up-to-date information at the moment that they need it. If your website is making your customers happy – your business will grow!

In the rapidly evolving world of marketing, Search Engine Optimization has earned its place as one of the most effective methods. There are numerous benefits to a good SEO strategy. We’ve listed just a few benefits of SEO to give you more insight into how it can help you meet your company goals.


1. Bring More Traffic to your Website.

According to Google statistics, over 90% of search users will not click page 2 of the search results. In other words, if you are not ranking on page 1, you are missing out on over 90% of potential customers who are already searching for your product or service. Ranking on the first page Google’s search results will consistently bring more traffic to your website. Managing that traffic correctly can in turn result in more sales – which is the goal of almost any company.


2. Improve your Brand Awareness and Company Reputation.

The vast majority of clicks from any search go only to the first page. By being on the first page, users begin to associate Your Brand with specific keywords. This provides wide-spread brand awareness and gives your brand a better reputation than any paid advertisement could. Additionally, results from the first page of Google are generally considered to be trusted brands and leaders in their field. Customers that are confident in your brand are more likely to make a purchase.


3. Focus on Quality over Quantity.

SEO is targeted only to those who are actively searching for your service, brand or product. This means that any user that sees your website on the Search Results Page is already a qualified lead. Instead of wasting valuable time and resources marketing to a non-specific audience, SEO allows you to focus only on those who already want what you have to offer.


4. Get a Higher Return on Investment.

Implementing SEO for your website is far more cost-effective than almost any other marketing method. A good SEO Strategy focuses only on qualified leads, which gives it a higher conversion rate than any other form of marketing. In comparison with paid online advertisements, clicks from an organic search are twice as likely to result in a sale. For websites that aren’t selling something, conversions might be calculated as subscriptions, or users that contact you for more information. Either way, you’re generating a database of leads that were searching for your service, and found it.


5. It’s more Cost-Effective.

An SEO Strategy is a long-term investment for your website. When you pay for specific advertisements, whether online or offline, that advertisement is temporary. With Search Engine Marketing, advertisements will only last for as long as you are paying for it. Once those ads stop, your traffic will likely stop too. When you are listed organically, you’ll always have a steady flow of traffic, and you don’t have to pay for every click that Google sends your way. And let’s not forget that only about 10% of clicks go to the ads, while the other 90% go to the organic results.


6. Track, Customize, and Improve your campaign for Maximum Results.

The positive results of SEO are not a myth. With the correct tools, you can accurately monitor how your SEO campaign is performing. When you track your SEO, you will be able to see exactly which areas of your website are bringing good results and focus more on those. You can also see which areas are not performing as well, and improve them as needed. Unlike many other forms of marketing, you won’t be stuck with a failed campaign. SEO can be continuously edited and improved to bring the best possible results.

When tracking your SEO campaign, you’ll also receive insight to valuable information! You can track the exact path a customer takes through your website in order to result in a sale. You can take note of which keywords bring better conversions. You can analyze what other keywords people are often searching for. You can narrow down your target audience in order to focus your campaign more effectively. And what can you do with all that data? Well, the possibilities are limitless.