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November 2, 2017
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8 Things to Look Out for in Your PPC Report

PPC reports

Most of you are probably familiar with the term PPC. If not, PPC stands for Pay Per Click. PPC plays a large part of your digital marketing strategy, and your overall online presence.

With PPC, you can market your business to your target audience within the budget that you are comfortable with. You create ads on the internet, and you will be charged each time someone clicks on your ad. When done right, PPC is a fast and efficient way to attract quality visitors to your website.

Companies may choose to set up and run their ads on their own, or they may request the help of a digital marketing agency or PPC advertising specialist.

You can request the help of digital marketing agency services in making PPC advertising. Then they can give a report to the client about the PPC that has been run.

Whether you are running your ads in-house or through an agency, its essential to regularly review the performance of your campaign. When studying your PPC report, here are a few important things to look out for.

1. Clear PPC Goals

Setting goals is the first step to a successful PPC campaign. Your PPC report should include how your campaign has managed to achieve or not achieve these goals.

PPC goals can be determined at the Campaign, Ad Group or Account level levels. Goals set at the account level can be further broken down into individual goals for each of your campaigns. Just a few examples of goals are a certain amount of visits to a webpage, increasing downloads of your app, generating leads, increasing Conversions, increasing CTR, Reducing your CPC, and more.

2. Conversion Tracking

Getting clicks and impressions is quite easy, but how does it actually affect your business? This is where conversion tracking comes in. Conversion tracking can measure various valuable information, such as leads generated, products sold, people that contacted you, and more.

From this, you can determine measurable results from your PPC budget.

3. Audience

Marketing on the internet is unique. You can decide who can see your ads, find out who your customers are, how old they are, where they live, and more.

Knowing that information and attaching it to your PPC report can ultimately save you money in running your campaign, by knowing which audiences lead to the best results.

Audience data gathered from your online campaign can also be implemented to any future marketing, both online and offline.

4. Budget

A clear budget should be allocated for your PPC advertising. You have to know how much money you want to spend on your ads and for how long. Do not just set it up and forget about it. Information in your report should also enable you to allocate the budget between the best performing campaigns or adgroups.

5. Keywords

People search for something on the internet by entering certain keywords or “search terms.” Choosing the right keywords is essential to targeting the right audience, or you may be wasting your budget.

By monitoring the keywords that have been used in your PPC campaign, you can identify how well the selected keywords are performing, as well as how to improve your campaign.

6. Assess Ad Group Relevance

Your PPC report should include the top performing adgroups, as well as the ones that didn’t perform so well, so that you know which methods have been tried and how they are performing. Within each adgroup, you can also assess the performance of individual ads.

7. Data should be easy to understand

Some people have a thorough understanding of PPC, while others don’t. Therefore, the information presented in your report should be easy to understand, and not only a collection of numbers and graphs. Your report should address key metrics of what is happening with your ads campaign, as well as what steps that have been taken to maintain or upgrade your performance.

8. Trends and Context

For your report to be meaningful, it should be accompanied by the context which the information is presented in. This can help you to better understand the large amounts of data that may appear in your monthly PPC report.

Although data can be confusing to look it, it helps to know what things to look out for in order to make sure your campaigns performing effectively.

Primehouse Media’s PPC MAX focuses on complete transparency with budgeting and reporting to ensure you get the best results from your campaign.