PPC Marketing Services

Primehouse Media PPC MAX Indonesia is a method of increasing quality traffic and leads for your business. This is done by placing advertisements on Search Engines or other websites. We provide a one stop solution to managing your ads across multiple channels, including Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, YouTube and more.

MAXimize the results of your Marketing Budget

We focus on bringing the best results for your business. Primehouse Media's Search Marketing experts work with you to create a PPC strategy to achieve your business goals.

Already using Google AdWords but not getting the results you need? We’ll help you optimize your campaign to reduce CPCs and MAXimize the result of your ads within your marketing budget.
We will continuously monitor the progress of your campaign, track every dollar spent, measure the results, and then refine your campaign accordingly.

PPC Channels

Choose where you would like to show your ads, or let us recommend a solution for you.

Shows ads on Google Search, Search Partners, and the Display Network. Target people who are searching for your product or browsing related content.

Build a community around your brand. Use Facebook Ads to increase engagement on your Facebook Page, or send traffic to your website.

Instagram Ads may be used in conjunction with Facebook ads, or on their own. Useful for brands with highly visual products or services.

Use YouTube Ads to increase video views, build awareness of your brand, and send traffic to your website from those browsing on YouTube.


No Long-Term Contracts

PPC MAX provides flexible terms without long-term contracts. Run your campaign month by month and cancel any time you like. You can also increase or decrease your monthly budget as needed.

Experienced PPC Team

Our PPC team consists of writers, technical specialists, web developers, graphic designers and more! We have the right people on the job to bring you the results you need.


We provide a personal account manager for you to liaise with throughout your campaign. We’ll also send you monthly reports to let you know the progress so far.

Real People & Real Results

This is not an automated service run by a computer. PPC Max includes a full PPC team who is manually working on your project, providing the essential human element needed for each campaign.

PPC Max Process


Sign up using the form on this page. An account manager will give you a call to discuss the details of your campaign and strategy to make sure everything is clear before we go live.


Next, we will conduct a complete analysis of your website and current ad accounts (if applicable.) We will also research the best way to target your audience for Maximum results.


Now it’s time to set up your campaign. This will include creation of ad accounts (if needed), banner ads, ads text, tracking, and more.


We’ll continuously monitor the performance of your ads throughout the campaign and make any needed changes to improve your results.


We’ll send you regular reports so you know exactly how your campaign is performing.

What's Included?

PPC Pricing & Packages

Get your business online today with PPC MAX - our flexible PPC Marketing packages.


Pricing Breakdown

Agency management fees will be charged based on your monthly ads budget. All new clients will be charged a one-time campaign fee for research, analysis, initial targeting, and design. We conduct extensive research to build a custom solution for each of our clients. However, a local store with a smaller monthly advertising budget will have much less initial work than a large e-commerce store advertising thousands of items. Please speak to our team about your campaign and goals and we will be happy to provide a custom quote..
Monthly Ads Budget (Media Spend)Agency Management Fee
IDR 1.000.000 - IDR 10.000.000IDR 2.000.000
IDR 10.000.001 - IDR 30.000.000IDR 5.000.000
IDR 30.000.001 - IDR 50.000.000IDR 8.000.000
IDR 50.000.001+Please Contact Us

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